Scottish Cup Fourth Round Update

  • January 11, 2023
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Today at the final Safety Advisor Group meeting chaired by East Ayrshire Council, Aberdeen FC and Police Scotland raised a late concern about the calculation of the area to host the 1750 travelling Aberdeen fans for the Scottish Cup match. The club had hoped to get the capacity numbers confirmed today at the SAG meeting with tickets going on sale tonight/tomorrow. Aberdeen’s safety team, while not having issues with the calculation methods used, have raised concerns about the dynamic flow of the supporters during the match. This has resulted in Darvel FC now at the 11th hour looking for an independent review of the safety documentation which we hope to have carried out by the weekend or early next week.
There will be be two crowd capacity scenarios:
1. The Independent review agrees with the clubs P&S 2 people per metre ground capacity calculation and the total 4000 fans will attend the game
a. Darvel FC: 2250
b. Aberdeen FC: 1750
2. If there is a reduction in the calculation after the Independent review then the reduction in capacity will be reduced from the Away fan section
a. Darvel FC: 2250
b. Aberdeen FC: To Be Recalculated
Given that the home ticket number for this match won’t change, the home ticket allocation will be on sale in the next few days.

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